Fortyfive is our first model to be carried out with the help of internal designer and is the first to be presented with the brand MINIMOMASSIMO.
Fortyfive is available in several versions: three seats, armchairs, chaise longue, angular and so on.
It is a very versatile model. Each customer can create his own composition. In fact, Fortyfive is composed of separate pieces: armchairs, poufs, angular and others pieces, which are then, joined together thanks to the frame in chromium-plated iron, which also serves as the structure itself.
Fortyfive is available in cloth and leather with top grain 1.3/1.5mm.
We have many types of clothes: 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% linen, pure linen, and polyester fabrics, water repellent and so on, a wide range of coating materials.
As though for the other models of sofa, the structure is made of firewood with inserts in plywood. The padding of the seatback and the seats are all made of polyurethane foam (rubber).
The seats are made of an elastic (but rigid at the same time) rubber. In the backrests we used a slightly softer rubber to increase comfort (to customer’s heart’s content, we can further stiffen the seats).
The feather is only used to make pillows sham.
Regarding the structure, this is made of black iron (see the pictures in the catalogue). It ‘a chrome slightly darker than the normal.