Upholstery company founded more than 35 years ago, reference in the important industrial hub located in Brianza, which is one of the most renowned sites for production of sofas and armchairs.

The second generation kept developing the family business giving birth to this new brand with the aim to export the Italian class and taste worldwide. Thanks to our long experience collab­orating with some of the most prestigious Italian brands infused of the best Italian knowhow, we achieve to produce high quality “made in Italy”, looking for new living solutions where craft knowledge, excellent materials and integrated devices participate to create comfort and stylish pieces of furniture.

While our machines work to guarantee the high precision, our tried and flexible method guarantee the fine handicrafts we master to finish and customize every piece as a unique piece. We take care of our costumers providing unique pieces which are created by the fusion of our expertise, new technologies and most important our costumers touch.

We aim to revisit the Italian classical language, inspired by our smart con­temporary living.

The combination of our great wealth of experience, our finest materials and the contribution from our clients, has always created exclusive sofas. With us clients have the opportunity to use fabrics not necessarily part of our own provision and we offer the possibility to extensively customize even until completely reinventing the original item. We take care of each element during the design process: according to the needs of our clients we provide different kind of padded and manufactures, our ambition is to give maximum comfort while woods and metals are chosen and processed to ensure aesthetics, stability, flexibility and strength.

Let us introduce ourselves …

We are a group of optimistic, enthusiastic people who share a common goal: teamwork!

The results of our organization are the results of the combined effort of each of us.

Entrust us with the creation of your custom sofa and you will not be disappointed!

Massimo Ruocco

My grandfather made sofas with my father and I owe this passion, which they passed on to me, to both of them.For a balance to exist, two forces must meet and find their barycentre.

minimomassimo combines the concepts of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology, people and machines. Apparently opposing forces that actually work for balance, for stability, for harmony.

“I wouldn’t produce or sell anything that I wouldn’t buy myself. That’s why good quality is the foundation on which I build my company and… my sofas.”

A long family tradition

The balance between comfort and design of high craftsmanship signed Made in Italy, are the perfect synthesis between innovation and tradition with over 35 years of experience.

The staff

Marketing & Communication Manager, who works closely with the owner to identify and obtain business opportunities from existing and potential new customers.

The cutting and sewing of fabrics and leathers, which takes place as in the past, is carried out by expert seamstresses. In this way each piece is handcrafted and unique.

The careful eye of our upholsterers allow us to treat each element as a unique piece enhancing the uniqueness of the upholstery and the quality of the final product.