Rational, Essential, Minimal, Impeccable …. the perfect synthesis of these 4 basic concepts that we used to create this model. Perfect for modern open space and contemporary style furniture.

Note: The 3D images, and graphics below, are for demonstration purposes only.

Product sheet

Description: All elements are modular therefore available in several versions. Its main feature is its uniqueness: each element looks good on its own and equally good with other elements.

Structure: fir wood and pine plywood

Backrest springing: made up of Elsabelt elastic belts whose characteristic consists in the total covering of rubber threads. This system guarantees the belts’ reliability and durability.

Seat springing: made of Nea elastic belts with a high content of natural rubber that gives the product a high and long-lasting elastic performance and characterized by an innovative one-way application system.

Structure padding: polyurethane foam density 35 hazelnut. (the seat can also be made in density 40p)

Covering: available only in fabric. The combination of different textures and colors allows a further customization of the seating system.

Features: completely removable covers, therefore washable several times.

Feet: retractable plastic