Available in several versions: three seats, two, armchair and corner version. (Look at the end of the catalogue)
The model is available in leather and fabric
The sofa is made with high quality materials: the structure is exclusively in firewood and multilayer, the padding of the structure are made with a very high density rubber so very hard, tough and doesn’t deform over time while the rubber of the back is of medium density to give adequate comfort to the seat.
The standard seats have an average density. They are made with two different densities of rubber: at the front, the first 15cm, are made with a rubber with a density of 40, very rigid, so as not to deform in time the front part of the sofa, while the remainder is density 35 from the comfort right to the seat: not too hard not too soft.
The density (softer or more rigid) may also be chosen by the customer.
The internal mechanism is completely iron and the feet of the sofa in beech wood wedge colour with chrome plating.
Attach and detach components of the angle is very simple; just lift the side where you have placed the male hook. The hooks of which we speak are completely iron are therefore very durable.