The Susi model is available in several versions: three seats, two, armchair, three maxi seats, etc.
The model is available in leather and fabric.
In fabric the sofa remains completely removable and can be washed several times.
The structure is made of fire wood and multilayer, has an internal mechanism that allows the backs to rise and lower, is completely iron therefore very durable.
The foot can be in chrome-plated wood, or you can mount the L-foot to the Milan model, Wenge with chrome finish.
The back padding is made of 2/3 of polyurethane foam (rubber) that is essentially backrest while the rest is made of 100% feather.
The seats are similarly made: 2/3 in polyurethane foam the rest in feather to give comfort and roundness. The kidneys are instead 100% goose feather.